Sep 242013

Have now covered over 3500 miles. Havent slept in a bed for 6 weeks. Driven on some amazing roads in all weathers. This trip has been a real learning curve but got to say i love it. Never thought i could travel alone with all the challenges that made.
The sidecar is riding like a dream. It turns heads where ever i go. Fun factor 100%. On the way to france today.

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  4 Responses to “Still in italy and heading fir france”

  1. So glad you are enjoying it, loving the photos and updates, please give Sprocket a hug from me x

  2. Well done for getting through Italy unscathed hope the rest of the trip home is trouble free xx

  3. Well done you, safe trip home, looking forward to seeing you. Big hugs for you and sprocks. Xx

  4. So glad you managed to pick up after the first few days solo, and glad MIke and Christine from Bike Club France were able to help out. Would obviously like to hear Sprockets side of the story someday, but in the meantime hope you enjoy the return leg through France.

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