Louise Hillier, A Sidecar & Sprocket the dog


Cornish based writer and graphic designer Louise Hillier will be riding a motorcycle and sidecar from the UK across Europe through to Romania and down to Greece. Videographer Gemma Taylor will be on camera creating videos and taking photos.The star of the trip will be Louise’s pet dog, Sprocket with navigation duties.

Louise is no stranger to long distance motorcycling. Together with partner, she spent two years travelling the world on their Honda Dominator Trail bikes. Her subsequent tales of that journies have been written up in Motor Cycle Sport and Leisure magazine as a regular monthly column. “We had some wonderful moments on that trip” said Louise, “We rode through Death Valley, across Central America, crossed the High Plains and Andes of South America, over the Nullabor Plain, and on the crowded roads of India. There are so many memories and stories, but now I feel the urge to do something else!”

Lou is still a very active motorcyclist. During the course of her magazine work she rode through fire with the White Helmets Display Team, entered the Vintage Motor Cycle Clubs Banbury Run on a 1926 Henley and taken part in a Lands End to John o’Groats trek on a Honda 90. She has ridden her Yamaha Serrow in local Road Trials and often come away with an award. An overland trip to Senegal on the Honda proved hard work, and she once followed the Optic Rally across North Africa for the magazine.


So why choose to take the dog? “Sprocket is a very special friend; he’s a Jackapoo, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Poodle. Although he is only 15 months old, I can’t bear to be away from him for the 2 months that this trip will take, so I am taking him with me. He has a special place in the sidecar, and he has his own passport and has been chipped. He seemed to really like the sidecar and loved to sit there in the breeze, smelling the air and watching the world go by.”

The bike has been kindly provided by Triumph Motorcycles of Hinkley. The T100 Bonneville will be attached to a specially adapted Monza sidecar made by Watsonian Squire.



The bike will then be exhibited on the Watsonian Squire stand at the NEC Show in November.

Louise will be writing up her travels in Motor Cycle Sport and Leisure magazine and have 18 pages in a three part series already comissioned.

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